Third Annual Blue Steel Cyclery Kickoff Cyclocross Clinic

Register now for the third annual Blue Steel Cyclery Kickoff Cyclocross Clinic on Saturday, August 30 in Auburn, NH.


Cyclocross is a unique form of bicycle racing that not only requires you to be in great physical shape, but also requires a unique skill set. Learning and knowing these skills will help you improve your racing this coming cyclocross season!

Whether you are new to the sport or are an experienced cross racer, your cross skills need to be practiced. This is a great opportunity to get out and learn new skills or practice old skills before the season starts.

Blue Steel Cyclery will again kick off the season by holding its third annual clinic on the Suckerbrook Cross race course. It will be led by multiple National and World Champion Kathy Sarvary, along with members of the Blue Steel Cross Team and Tom Stevens.

We will also offer a Little Sprocket Cross Group – a cross group for the little guys and gals.

The clinic will be a full day starting at 9:00 AM broken down into morning and afternoon sessions, with a break for lunch (which is included).

For more details and to register, please click here to visit the event page on