Bike Swap set for May 3 and 4

Start thinking about Blue Steel Cyclery’s 4th Annual Bike Swap – it is your chance to upgrade some of your gear or get a great deal on a used bike or wheel set.

Bike Swap

Here’s how the bike swap works:

Bike/Equipment Drop-off Dates: April 25 – May 1 (or earlier if the bike needs to be repaired!!)

Drop off good condition bikes or wheel sets previously purchased at a bicycle store (not a department store). This gives the Blue Steel Cyclery crew enough time to double check all the equipment to ensure it is safe to sell and help you establish a fair market value. Please note: We will neither clean nor repair equipment intended for the bike swap (unless you choose to pay for this service). Blue Steel Cyclery reserves the right to turn away any equipment we deem to be either unsafe or unsellable.

What happens if you sell your bike during the bike swap?

You get:
1. A store credit for 100% of the sold price
2. A check for 80% of the sold price

All equipment not sold during the sale will be required to be picked up by Monday, May 5th, otherwise we will donate it to Bikes not Bombs.